Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Simple Perfomance Tweak for LXDE or any Ubuntu Variant Distro

It has been quite some time since I blogged.  My education has but a bit of strain on my free time but that still is no excuse!  I have been confined to using a laptop over the past several months as my life has been on the go.  I notice that my resources were always strained and when I tried to run the different application that I use to create my blog videos my system was at a crawl, thus I was waiting to get my production desktop up and running again.  Now, I am using LXLE (Lubuntu eXtra Life Extensions)12.04.4 and I have been worried about upgrading to the latest x86_64 bit version due to the poor performance of my current system.
Then, I like any good GNU/ Linux power user I started researching the cause of my system congestion.  The command "pstree" revelled two processes running that I had to investigate further.  Zeitgeist datahub and deja-dup-monitor were the process that I was not fimilar with and they both had sub-process running under them.  After, a Google search on the both of them I soon found them to be at the root of complaints as resource hogs.  The solutions ranged from stopping there associated services and daemons to removing the software packages all together.  Well it was the latter that I went with. There was no hiccups deja-dup-monitor but I lost a very good tool removing zeitgeist datahub.
According to Linuxaria (2014), "Zeitgeist is the main engine and logic behind GNOME Activity Journal which is currently seen to become one of the main means of viewing and managing activities in GNOME version 3.0"  Now, GNOME is part of the GNU Project which we all know is the brain child of Mr. Richard Stallman.  So, I could thank him for clogging my system (please know that this is an attempt at comedy)!  Since, I am running LXLE 12.04.4 my desktop manager is LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment).  Therefore zeitgeist is not crucial for my desktop environment but I did hate loosing gedit.  Gedit is one of my favorite text editors and it is loaded with pluggins to support viewing just about any text format including code highlights.  Well, I will miss you gedit until I can find a work around for installing you without zeitgeist dependency.  Ah, sounds like a code compiling project is on the horizon.
I must note that since removing these software packages multitasking speed has increased considerably.  I went from struggling to run firefox and LibreOffice Writer to writing this blog entry while running CentOS in a VirtualBox vitual machine, Leafpad, and ROXTerm all at the same time.  What is even more amazing conky has yet to list my cpu usage over 50%! Don't believe me check out my screen shot below:

Be Blessed!!!