Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Distro of the Month - Kali Linux!!!

The Target breach, Heartbleed Bug, and MSIE five generations of bad coding all show that security is becoming a priority beyond governments.  The enterprise, small business, and home networks all need good security plans, practices, and policies.  Testing those plans and policies with a penetration tools is a practice that will show weak points that should be addressed.  For years one of the best free penetration testing suites was BackTrack.  Through development and evolution this suite was rename to Kali Linux, the Distro of the Month!!!
Kali Linux, offers a great platform of software and settings that will educate the novice and the experience alike on IT security.  Their website offers plenty of information on security mitigation.  What is a special treat is that they offer a more adventurous way to download and compile a custom build of their Distro.  Well, yes that is the spirit of the entire open source community but, I like the flare of the presentation on this site.
Social engineering, cracking WEP, cracking passwords, hacking servers, and pretty much the entire gambit of cyber threats are covered and tested by this tool.  What is funny the more I learn about security the more I realize that we are not secure.  Pretty much anything that is man made can be broken, only the human body, the cosmos, and the bottom of the ocean have not been hacked or cracked!!! Take a bow Offensive Security your work is on the cutting edge of IT security!!!

Be Blessed!!!