Thursday, May 1, 2014

Application of the Month - GIMP!!!

GIMP© (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an image editing program that pretty much does it all.  On top of being a very solid tool it is one of the oldest active FOSS projects available.  With an initial release date of January 1996, GIMP Project Members have celebrated 18 years of development. Thank you Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis and the entire GIMP development team for conceiving one of my personal favorites and most used programs.  Moreover, recently this project has a free magazine to accompany it as well.  Kudos!!!,
Trust, I am not a professional artist, photographer, or graphics designer and personally have not desire to be.  But, I do appreciate good art and I often find my self in the need to do some image manipulation.  Thus, GIMP has been my tool of choice since 2006.  During, my early days of FOSS usage I was dual booting thus, I mostly used native Windows® programs for image manipulation.  Funny, where others liked Adobe®, I was more of a Jasc® man myself.  That is why it was easy to get the feel of GIMP!,
With the multitude of plugins and scritps, GIMP's features can be expanded to just about every image manipulation need.  The range of file format pretty much covers the gambit.  The majority of my usage of GIMP is for file conversions and creating transparent images.  Yet, I did create my ~LuvLinuxOS~ signature using some FX-Foundry tools.  I was pretty proud of that!!!  I hope this article and video leads you to one of the oldest and most vibrant FOSS Application projects on the net!

Be Blessed!!!