Monday, February 3, 2014

Website of the Month -©!!!

I have been visiting this site since 1998, if my memory serves me correct!  As a matter of fact you can look at the copyright information in the footer of the page and you will see that© has been since 1999.  Therefore, I have been a user of this fantastic resource before it was officially protected by US Copyrights laws.  Now, that might not be a big deal to you but, to me it signifies that I have been visiting and using this site for some 15 plus years now. Moreover, I am glad to see them still around and serving the open source movement (OSM).© has become a staple in the open source on-line community.  Pretty Cool!!!©: Linux Information Portal, is a well sectioned and organized website offering plenty of information about GNU/Linux related technologies.  This is a great resource for finding information on many subjects pertaining to the OSM!  We all know that GNU/Linux is the heart of the OSM thus, it is hard to discuss one without discussing the other.© covers Distro release, security updates, development, hardware, and much much more.  You could literally loose yourself in the bounty of information served at this website location. Yet, I would like to see them cover more HOSS (Hardware + Open Source Software) projects like Raspberry Pi, Keno, and Arduino.  These projects are gaining in popularity and are based mostly on a mobile port of GNU/Linux. IMHO. 
They have plenty of download resources within their site, and plenty of links to other resources as well.  An abundance of step by step How-To(s) and tutorials covering a massive range of subjects.  Plus, what they do not cover they have search boxes for other resource to help you find the information that you are researching.  This is a great tool for the layman and guru alike!  Give them a try and tell me what you think below.  I hope that this article and video has been a help to your GNU/Linux, FOSS, HOSS, and total OSM experience!!!

Be Blessed!!!