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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Distro of the Month - LXLE!!!

Wow, in just a few short months LXLE (Lubuntu eXtra Life Extension) has really caught on fire!  I am a group member of LXLE on FaceBook and I encourage you to join.  Being that I am a QA tester for Lubuntu, I am really impressed with this re-spin.  Lubuntu really saved my old equipment from the recycle bin! Literally, I was getting ready to start recycling this old abandon equipment when my house was broken into and my production laptops were stolen.  That really became a blessing is disguise, besides having some really good friends donate some older equipment, I had to evaluate some abandon machines that was going to recyclers.  Well, needless to say I have made the best out of them because I found and became involved with Lubuntu.  Thank you buglers!!!
What LXLE has done, is take a really great official variant of Ubuntu (Lubuntu) and put a very good remix on the stocked software applications, system tweaks, and scripts implementations.  LXLE is a very productive OS environment out of the box.  As, I have always leaned to the development and education side of technology, I personally would have like to seen an IDE and even some more educational software installed, IMHO.  Besides that small suggestion, this system is a great base to get up and running quickly with little to no additional tweaking to do.  LXLE will be an excellent choice for a drop in replacement of an unsupported XP® system.  Do note that April is fast approaching and that is the month Microsoft® will stop supporting Windows® XP®. Therefore, if you own older equipment and can't or don't want to purchase new equipment this is a viable and optimal approach for your OS, software applications, and PC computing needs!
LXLE is based on LTS (long term support) distribution model of L(Ubuntu).  Therefore, it will be supported until the year 2017.  That will give that old hardware a very long production life until you can find an affordable replacement.  I truly believe that once you go open source and experience LXLE you just might not go back to closed proprietary software!!! Now, I do understand the systematic dependency on proprietary software but, the quality of OSS is greatly improved and the communities that support OSS are growing. 
The current version of LXLE is 12.04.4 and it was just released days before the posting of this article.  Although a very good video demonstration is available on the developer website, I have include my video commentary below and I hope it helps you become acquainted with the L(Ubuntu) family of software, get involved in the OSM, learn more about GNU / Linux, and of course review LXLE.   It gives me great pleasure to write about LXLE and I hope that you will give this fantastic Distro a try!!!

Be Blessed!!!


P.S. Correction about when I started using GNU/Linux the year was 1998 not 1990! I should have corrected the typo in the video I did not so, I am here...Thanks!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Website of the Month -©!!!

I have been visiting this site since 1998, if my memory serves me correct!  As a matter of fact you can look at the copyright information in the footer of the page and you will see that© has been since 1999.  Therefore, I have been a user of this fantastic resource before it was officially protected by US Copyrights laws.  Now, that might not be a big deal to you but, to me it signifies that I have been visiting and using this site for some 15 plus years now. Moreover, I am glad to see them still around and serving the open source movement (OSM).© has become a staple in the open source on-line community.  Pretty Cool!!!©: Linux Information Portal, is a well sectioned and organized website offering plenty of information about GNU/Linux related technologies.  This is a great resource for finding information on many subjects pertaining to the OSM!  We all know that GNU/Linux is the heart of the OSM thus, it is hard to discuss one without discussing the other.© covers Distro release, security updates, development, hardware, and much much more.  You could literally loose yourself in the bounty of information served at this website location. Yet, I would like to see them cover more HOSS (Hardware + Open Source Software) projects like Raspberry Pi, Keno, and Arduino.  These projects are gaining in popularity and are based mostly on a mobile port of GNU/Linux. IMHO. 
They have plenty of download resources within their site, and plenty of links to other resources as well.  An abundance of step by step How-To(s) and tutorials covering a massive range of subjects.  Plus, what they do not cover they have search boxes for other resource to help you find the information that you are researching.  This is a great tool for the layman and guru alike!  Give them a try and tell me what you think below.  I hope that this article and video has been a help to your GNU/Linux, FOSS, HOSS, and total OSM experience!!!

Be Blessed!!!