Thursday, January 16, 2014

Distro of the Month - PCLinuxOS!!!

A few months back I blogged about Free Linux Magazines!!!  The creator of one of those magazines also created a really cool GNU/Linux Distribution called PCLinuxOS. I have also been watching the rise in the popularity of the LXDE GUI platform.  Moreover, this year Microsoft® will be dropping support for Windows® XP .  This is a real shame for all the die hard Windows® users, because XP is by far the best product ever delivered by Microsoft®! Now, many GNU/Linux Distros are gearing up to compile a drop in replacement for all those XP users that will loose support this coming April.  
Well, it is kind of funny that more Distros are jumping on the Windows® replacement band wagon now, Lindows was one of the first Distros to really incorporate a Windows® look and feel.  Now, that is becoming a simple task to achieve with all the progress that is made in the OSM (open source movement).  I digress, this post is all about the great work and effort of Bill Reynolds and the PCLinuxOS development team!
PCLinuxOS took the replacement look and feel of Windows® to another level with its latest releases stocked full of custom designs and tweeks.  There are four desktop variations to PCLinuxOS.  You can get it in the KDE, LXDE, MATE, and FullMonty varieties. Each of these spins are uniquely designed with PCLinuxOS signature style and custom icons.  XP might have wished it looked and operated so well!  The LXDE variant is my personal favorite since it is more friendly to all this old hardware that I am currently running in my home network.  I am becoming a real fan of this desktop environment and PCLinuxOS incorporates some fine tweeks into the system that makes their Distro rival any industrial OSes! Therefore, the version of PCLinuxOS that I will be demonstrating in my video will be of the LXDE variety. 
In closing, the PCLinuxOS Distro / Magazine team are a really vibrant, informative, educational, developmental, and creative community.  The artwork, the code tweeks, the Software Remastering tutorials, the forums, the publications, and etc. are all produced without big enterprise budgets!  I am truly impressed by the creativity, the down right disdain for Microsoft®, and mostly the communal focus on education.  Give this Distro a try and you may find it hard to stop using it!!!


Be Blessed!!!