Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Application of the Month -- ffDiaporama!!!

Creating my informative videos has been a real work in progress. Just looking at my first works to now and you can tell that I have been learning this craft.  I had to learn about resolution and formats.  Whether to use AAC or MP3 for sound encoding.  What definition and resolutions worked best with YouTube? I will be the first to admit that I am not a professional video editor!!! Yet, I am learning.  All the tools that I use to create video or to accomplish most of my computer task are mostly done with FOSS projects.  Thus, my video creation tools are no exception!
I use Simple Screen Recorder for what its name implies and it does just that very well.  Yet, the one thing that has been my Achilles heal is finding a good and simple video editing software.  IMHO there are no bad open source project, yet there are some that are just better!  Finding a good video editing project has been a chore.  Where one project is simple, it lacks features and support to produce a good video.  On the other hand the project could be powerful and contain all the video editing features to produce high quality video.  Yet, you would need to go to school to learn how to operate the more sophisticated software.
So, what open source project is available that is simple to use, feature loaded, and produce high quality videos.  In my quest to find such a product I came across ffDiaporama as the perfect tool to edit my recordings.  There are plenty of features for transitions effects and title pages.  It has a very intuitive design that makes rending video projects to the correct publication format very simple.  Their website is stocked with resources and examples on how to use the product for creating stunning video.  It has taken me some time to just scratch the surface of video editing and I really appreciate the work of ffDiaporama's creators.
In conclusion, ffDiaporama is a powerful movie creation open source project with simple design that allows everyone to make high quality video. Sadly, while making this post the latest version of ffDiaporama is experience a high volume of bugs.  I am sure the developers are working hard to correct those issues but, to stay on a viable blogging time schedule another project was use for the video editing purpose of this article's accompanying video. That project will be feature some time soon as well but, for now give ffDiaporama a try! One reason why I believe in the open source movement, when an open applications (project) fails to meet your needs, another similar project is available.  Moreover, the choices for software solutions are vast, open, and free!

Be Blessed!!!