Saturday, November 30, 2013

One of the Best Android Apps!!!

ES3 File Explorer File Manager is one of the sweetest apps I have personally used for Android.  I was searching for the best way to connect my iRulu tablet to my Linux server shares and ES3 was the best solution.  Alone ES3 is much more than file explorer.  It contains built in features and support that extends its use beyond that of a simple file explorer.  The built in media player, LAN, management, Cloud Management,  root explorer, and coupled with ES Task Manager it becomes a full fledge must have power tool.  

Connecting to a network share in GNU Linux can be a bit of a task itself.  Especially if you are trying to connect to a Windows® share.  Yet, through the years GNU Linux networking has gotten much easier and documentation examples are plentiful.  I say that to say that the easies LAN management / utilities that I have seen on a GNU Linux variant is in ES3.  This Android app is completely intuitive with a very simple UI design.  I really appreciate sleek and simple.  This is a must app for any power user of Android.  

ES has free and pro versions of their ES3 File Explorer and ES Task Manager.  Making them great for individual use or professional BYOD enterprise integration.  With the rise in popularity of BYOD, I can see ES being a major player in the mobile device enterprise market.  With a little governance and security restraints this is the perfect enterprise BYOD tool! Visit the Play Store or ES website to find out more about this app.  There are too many videos on YouTube and Google Play has a great demo video as well.  Therefore, seeing the app in action before you try it is not a problem.  

Be Blessed...I Am!!!