Monday, November 11, 2013

Free Linux Magazines!!!

When I first discovered computers / video games most of the latest information was published in magazines.  I bought and subscribed to all sorts of them.  PC Gamer, PC Magazine, and PC World are few of the longer running magazines that I have read since my youth.  These publications would keep me in the know about what is the next big thing in technology.  For instance, who would have thought that the Pocket PC would be come the smart phone?  Well, not only did I read about there eventual arrival but I worked at Best Buy so, I sold a few of them too. 
Now, I am looking for a great Linux Magazines and I have found a few but, what is even better is that many of them are free.  With the increased popularity of the world wide web, most of these publications can be read online or downloaded for later review.  I have included a few of my favorites.  They include some helpful articles on Distro Reviews, How To's, current trends, and more.  I hope that you enjoy them as I have plus, they are free. 
The Linux Gazette is a strictly online publication that is offering some really insightful articles about Linux.  It is a free monthly international publication that is referred by ISSN: 1934-371X.  Therefore, this publication is a creditable source that can be cited in any academic writing assignment.  Moreover, if one would decide to publish an article in the Linux Gazette they can get academic credit.  I thought this was cool for them to offer their potential authors, since they can not compensate them monetarily.  Overall, I think the Linux Gazette is a very worthy and honorable project that brings informative articles to the entire Linux, FOSS, and OSM communities.

Next, PCLinuxOS is a Distro that produces a freely monthly magazine as well.  You would think that their magazine would be full of article about their Distro, right? Wrong!  They have plenty of helpful articles for the new comers and experience Linux user alike.  They are up front though about their disdain with Microsoft® and its Windows® products.  Again, this is another great community project that is freely distributing information about Linux, FOSS, and the entire OSM!  Just great reading material!!!

Lastly,  I would not be a true Ubuntu / Lubuntu user without mentioning the freely distributed online publication written for the Ubuntu Community.  The Full Circle is a masterfully produce online magazine that offers podcast episodes and full viewable online issues.  For the publication method Full Circle uses ISSUU as its online medium for digital distribution of its magazine.  Each issue is elegantly laid out and you can easily view older issues.  The topic material covers all aspects of the of Linux, FOSS, and the OSM though, it is closely tailored to the Ubuntu Family of products.  Again, this is another great project that is freely offered to spread information and I think it is doing a great job!!!

There are other publication that you could pay for but, why when the above mentioned magazines are freely distributed and full of highly useful information!!!

Be Blessed...I Am!!!