Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another Great Website!!!

Make Linux is a very good website created by Constantine Shulyupin. Looking at the home page the site looks very mundane and plain.  Yet, once you start browsing the menu located at the very top of the page, you will find some very good resources on GNU/Linux.
From first glance it is obvious that Constantine Shulyupin is an experience Embedded Linux Engineer.  This site seems to be a very good resume of his talent but, it is also a good source for GNU/Linux enthusiast such as myself.  IMHO, this is a very good resource for visual and written learning tools on the Linux Kernel.
The biggest tool that I found at this location was the interactive map of the Linux Kernel.  It might take some time to load but, the wait is well worth it.  The map leads to priceless resources for the experienced and non-experienced GNU/Linux user.  It is an absolute must for a developers, administrators, and power users of GNU/Linux.  Why? Just mapping the Linux Kernel without linking each section is a great visual tool to give insight on developing or administering GNU/Linux.  Yet, the interaction will lead to countless on-line resources for a greater in depth explanation on almost every topic pertaining to GNU/Linux.  I hope you enjoy the video!!!

Be Blessed!!!