Friday, October 18, 2013

pfSense Makes Good Sense!!!!

Well, after some research and a few hardware purchases (ie. 8 port switch and an extra PCI NIC), I finally built my first software router / firewall.  Video of my setup is coming soon.  It took a little research and the material was off a little.  Most of what is documented about pfSense is good material but sometimes with newer versions of anything (open source or proprietary) the instructions are not accurate.  I found this to be true in creating my router. The years of building computer systems and troubleshooting developed my patients for problem solving. Plus I like a good challenge!!!

I have ATT Uverse and I was using the 2wire 3600HGV gateway to connect my home network.  Well it was great for a while but it limited what I could to on my server.  Like setup a DNS, DHCP, or PXE server.  I was also limited to creating a public webserver.  I am free now and I am enjoying it! pfSense is a very good product and it makes good sense to use in a home network, especially since it is used at universities and corporations around the world.

In researching I found many options for creating a router / firewall from old computer parts available on the net.  This article is pretty good if you are interested in doing your own setup as well. The top three though were pfSense, Smoothwall, and Untangle.  Yet, the one that seemed to be most documented and had the most features was pfSense thus I tried it first and I might not try the others although I have downloaded them.  Once the software was loaded and a few cli scripted commands were done, the rest of the configuration is complete by a web browser.  Just like any other router yet, completely on steroids!!!  pfSense is loaded with features and tools for monitoring and diagnosis of your network. 

Be Blessed...I Am!!!