Monday, October 28, 2013

Open Source is more than just Software!!!

I am such a Linux and FOSS advocate that sometimes I forget just how far the OSM (open source movement) has reached.  It is in publishing, legal documentation, and more recently have become a huge growing fad with hardware projects.  I remember tinkering with almost every electronic and mechanical toy I had growing up.  When my remote control cars were worn or torn, then it was a must to see what was under the hood.  Getting a batter directly to those magnetic engines was a good work around back then!!! Now, thing are way more sophisticated and today's RC are really scaled to the smallest details.

Then, I really found my niche in repairing electronics, it was first by accident with an old floor model TV.  Then, my Atari 2600 went out and I had to see what was wrong, nothing a little solder couldn't fix.  Finally, I got my first PC then two degrees and 15 plus years of computer repair experience became history.  Now, I say all that to note that Radio Shack has stood the test of time because, I am not the only fan of electronic hardware. Moreover, those old school snap together electronic projects have grown into major open source projects.  They have grown into 3D printing, Arduino, robotics, automation, and more.

The major 3D printing project is RepRap.  What is amazing about making 3D printing an open source project is that it has become affordable for home use.  Before now 3D fabrication was left to huge expensive machinery.  Creating an open source project like RepRap has brought the cost of 3D printing down considerably.  Besides, printing there are plenty of open source hardware projects to tinker with.  This guide is a great source for learning more about open source hardware projects.  And if you are like me you will find them very interesting!!!

 Be Blessed...I AM!!!