Sunday, October 20, 2013

Linux Distro of the Month: Lubuntu 13.10

Saucy Salamander 

Lubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) is here! Its official release date was October 17, 2013.  Beside replacing Google's Chromium with Mozilla's Firefox, the Lubuntu team included LightDM for screen locking and zRam for performance boost.  Well performance boost is evident and you will see in my third video that below.  I am really impressed with this Distro.  When most become more demanding on hardware as they evolve, Lubuntu did the exact opposite and became leaner for older systems.  My network consist of older hardware, even my production desktop is old compared to today's standards. But, with the installation of Lubuntu 13.10 my system is powerfully fast and productive.

This is what this blog is about! Reporting victories in the underdog community.  Yes, Microsoft still own the market but with viable production like Lubuntu 13.10 that ownership is slowly loosing its grip.  I have been a witness to the rise of popularity of Linux and how the different flavors have been competing with the giant.  Well, just as David sleighed Goliath so will Linux be victorious.  I am a huge fan, supporter, and advocate for Linux and the FOSS movement.  I have used Linux since 1998, therefore witnessing the growth and support of Linux is so sweet right now.  Linux Rules!!!

Below is my third video over viewing Lubuntu 13.10, I hope you enjoy!!!

 Be Blessed...I Am!!!