Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fustrated about Office Productivity Tools!!!

Well I wanted to only report my positive experiences with each and every FOSS application I use.  Yet, being unbiased and reporting the truth about my experience is eating away at my conscious.  I have a true nightmarish story about FOSS Office Suites.  

It all started week four on my of my DIT (Doctorate of Information Technology) program introduction course (ITEC 8000).  That week's first assignment was to create a narrative power point presentation.  Well, my entire home network is based on Ubuntu or some variant of Ubuntu, actually I use Ubuntu Server (no GUI) and Lubuntu Desktop on my older hardware.  I started converting my network over to Linux during my master's program and I had not looked back to Window®.  Therefore, I would have to learn how to complete every assignment using Linux and a FOSS comparable application.

Now, this was not a huge chore for simple written assignment, since there are a plethora of word processors available for use in Linux. Yet, for dynamic website, spreadsheets, UML diagrams, Project Plans, Slide Presentations, and etc. Even developing with Java and in Android is a bit different in Linux. I learned to accomplish some huge task with FOSS products.  I really thought there would never be the need to use Windows® dual boot or virtualized again!!!

How wrong I was, sigh!!!  That narrated Power Point Presentation was just the monster to frustrate and push me back to a virtual version of Window® XP.  This was the only solution after weeks of research how to embed sound for narration in other FOSS Office Suites.  I have continued my research and I am glad to say that the following links are to some promising articles on Office Productivity Suites and Presentation alternatives.  Yet, time was not my friend and I had to get this assignment turned in or get an ill advised zero. 

I would also like to point out that although I am being honest about a need for audio recording and embedding in Slide Show Presentation as a feature, I realize this is free software from voluntary communities. So, I will patiently run my virtual solutions until the OSM is a fully compatible way of life!!!

Be Blessed...I Am!!!