Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why use Linux?

In this post I will attempt to give all the pros for using Linux.  Since, I am bias I will not be giving any cons and I will leave them for replies to this post.  The following list are my reasons for using Linux:

1. It Is Free!!! - Why not use Linux should be the question.  A free operating system (OS) completely free without costly end user licenses... enough said!!!

2. Open Source - Well this is the backbone of the creation and conception of Linux.  The Linux Kernel is distributed under GNU GPL version 2.  It is free and the source code can be viewed, changed and redistributed as long as the new code complies with GNU GPL version 2.  Open Source is a movement that is growing!

3. Community Supported -  Many of the different programs and tools that make up a complete Linux Distro are developed and supported by an on-line community.  Easy access to the different Distro communities and the latest Distro updates can be found here.

4. Becoming Widely Supported - You don't have to believe me but when one of the biggest companies in the computer software industry starts supporting its rival then you must take notice. Read this article.

5. Rise In Popularity - More and more users, organizations, and corporations are starting to use Linux.  The proof is in the pudding...Read this article.

6. Powers many different hardware platforms - Linux is being ported to different processor types, mobile devices, servers, and desktops.  For the most part Linux runs on just about any and all computer hardware.  One very popular Linux Platform or Distro is the Android MOS (mobile operating system).

7. Easy To Install - The installation process for most Linux Distro are very easy and several Distro can run live from a cd or dvd disc. Therefore, one very good aspect of using Linux is that you can try it before you install it.  How cool is that!!!

8. Powerful - The Linux Kernel is a complete operating with many if not all the CLI (command line interface) support of an Unix OS.  GUI (graphical user interface) options are growing and becoming more user friendly to extend the power and choice of how to use Linux.  Having choices is power within itself!

9. Light Memory Footprint - Running the Linux Kernel itself is very lightweight and many versions of the Kernel supports older systems and hardware making them useful again.  For example, I run Ubuntu 12.04 server edition on an old HP desktop without a GUI and It is a great file / storage / LAMP server.

10. It Is Free!!!

I hope my reasons for using Linux will influence you to at least give a live distro a try!

Be Blessed...I Am!!!