Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why I started this blog...

I started using the Linux Operating System (OS) in 1998.  It was during the senior year of my undergraduate studies that a professor in my Unix course suggest that the class install a Linux Distribution (Distro) at home for practice.  Well, I ran with the suggestion and soon I had a Dual boot system with Windows 98 and Mandrake (now Mandriva).  I loved my system and I enjoyed showing it off to my friends.  I was a pretty good system builder then and I would encourage them to dual boot as well.  Therefore, I started this post to inform, share, and help spread the word about the Open Source Movement (OSM).

I hope that my historical perspective will aide and be a testament to all the hard work of the members of the different communities that comprises the OSM. I was proud and somewhat embarrassed to join the Ubuntu testing community last year; you can view my profile.  Why was I embarrassed you ask?  Well, it took me long enough to start giving back to a system, community, way of life, and movement that have given me years of free software to use.  Yet, it is never too late and I hope to make a sizable contribution to the awareness of the OSM.

Today, my entire home network is Linux and I own an Android phone.  Therefore, I am an avid user and I plan to spread the word about the advancement of Linux and the Open Source Movement.  I hope you enjoy my effort and find some information that is useful to your journey in the OSM!!!

Be Blessed!!!