Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thoughts about tutorials...

The one thing that make Linux and the FOSS Movement so special is the huge amount of support given in the on-line communities.  Through the years I read, watch, and listened to hundreds if not thousands of tutorials.  Some have been really great and other have been very boring.  Therefore, I am suggesting a few tutorial sites that I have found interesting and I hope you do too.

Since, the invent of YouTube almost anything you want to learn can be watched on this site. Before, then you had to read illustrated tutorial or sift through Linux's manual pages to figure thing out for yourself.  Now, there is nothing wrong with a good illustrated tutorial.  Many of them can viewed on the web or you can download as a *.chm file. The compiled HTML file will allow you to view the tutorial off-line.  This was great during the early days of slow dial-up but now most of the world have access to broadband Internet connections. Hence, the rise in video tutorial production!

Lately, I have found and have been enjoying the work of Mr. Derek Banas.  He has an extensive library containing nearly 600 videos! I find this totally amazing and I realize that there is absolutely no excuse to be ignorant about computers, especially with the plethora of available free resources. Another very entertaining video educator is Bucky Roberts.  And what is even more amazing is that Bucky has over 3000 video on various subjects.  Now, not all of their tutorials are about Open Source but they are part of the movement indirectly because, they are giving away free computer / technology education.  Thanks to a football scholarship, I obtained my undergraduate degree.  Yet, I have been borrowing money to obtain my Masters and pursue my Doctoral.  Not Free!!!

Below will be links to some of my favorite tutorial sites about Linux and other Open Source Projects:

1. The New Boston
2. New Think Tank
3. YoLinux
5. Linux From Scratch
6. The Linux Documentation Project
7. Install A LAMP
8. Linux Commands
9. Android Development
10. 3D Printing

I have found the above sites entertaining, useful, educational, resourceful, and intriguing.  Just, yesterday I learned about RepRap an Open Source 3D Printing solution.  Yes, when I can afford this project I will be buying a kit.  I think Open Source is amazing and it is revolutionizing the evolution of technology.  Plus, free education sure beat paying back a huge college debt!!! Enjoy!!!

Be Blessed...I Am!!!