Saturday, September 28, 2013

LXDE is My Desktop Enviroments!!!

I personally do not get all the confusion and complaints around DEs(desktop enviroments) in Linux.  I mean isn't having choices considered better?  I honestly think the freedom to choose what Distro, DE, Apps, Kernel version, partition layout, and etc. is what make Linux the most powerful OS(operating system) on the market.  Just because you have hundreds if not thousand of options does not mean you have to select them all!

I have used  KDE, GNOME, and XFCE through the years.  I have witness the development improvements with each and every one of these projects.  When I converted to a full time Ubuntu user, GNOME became my primary desktop of use.  Yet, with each new Distro release of Ubuntu my the demand on my system hardware increased.  In other words the software was out growing my hardware.  That all seemed to change once I started looking for lightweight Distro and different spins of Ubuntu.

I tried Kubuntu and the lastest version of KDE was just as taxing on my old hardware.  I looked at other lightweight distros but I needed a system that would support on-line education classes and the university's blackboard system.  For some time my only option was to run an older version of Ubuntu.  Then, about a year or so ago I learned about Lubuntu and LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment).  I have been using it ever since and I have been very productive on some pretty old machines.  

LXDE, is very lightweight and straight forward in its design.  It is simple and fast desktop environment with plenty of options for personal preferences.  The loaded system has a very small memory footprint therefore, leaving more of your system ram to run other applications.  It is a great production environment because of this.  

With all projects there are some bugs but the performance outweighs the bug reporting process.  The LXDE community keep you very informed through their wiki, blog, and forum pages of updates and new releases.  This is my new primary desktop environment, I use it because LXDE performance and design is very suitable for older hardware systems.  Therefore, allowing its user to get the optimal value for there initial investment in purchasing their computer.  In a business perspective LXDE increases potential ROI (return on investment) of a 
computer system.


Be Blessed!!!