Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Love Linux and I Don't Hate Windows!!!

One thing that has been amusing to me since the inception of Linux is the never ending battle between Linux communities and Microsoft.   Well, almost never ending, It is clear and should be clear to everyone that Microsoft has conceded. That war created sides, rivals, and hater of the opposition. Hardcore Linux communities were haters of Microsoft (the founders too... not mentioning any names lawsuits are getting out of hand these days!) and vice versa in the early days.

During those times it was almost impossible to find compatible hardware or software to compete with Windows.  Yet, Linux was like "The Little Engine That Could," and the on-line communities refused to give in to frivolous law suits and hardware vendors mistreatment.  I mean getting a wireless network card driver was like pulling nails! Now, hardware vendors of every sort and Microsoft are becoming compliant.

Thumbing through my burnt CD collection, I see that my first release of Ubuntu was 6.10 (Edgy Elf).  Before then I was an avid user of Mandrake and Red Hat (before it became commercial!!!).  Once Red Hat became an enterprise name their open source was Fedora thus I started using it.  I say all of this because during those days (about decade ago), drivers (software needed for hardware functionality) were the main problem with converting from Windows to Linux.  Therefore, it was almost certain that you would use a dual boot machine with Window as the default OS.  Ubuntu changed all that!

Ubuntu - "I am what I am because of who we all are."  When I first visited Canonical's website and read their companies philosophy, mission, and meaning, I was hooked.  Ubuntu or some variant have been my main version of Linux ever since! I have given copies away to let friends try the live versions.  I have installed dual systems for them as well.  I must give Canonical much due respect, simply because that started out to convert Window user to Linux users, and they did.  They truly have one of the largest on-line communities and they have become a major pioneer in Linux, FOSS, OSM, and global team development.  Yet, even still it is like watching an old master loose to his pupil. 

Without the revolutionary, innovative, and visionary work of the early pioneers in computers much of what exist today in technology simply would not.  Microsoft and Apple are the two old masters in computer technology early development.  Now, the young warriors are Canonical and Google.  I am a fan and admirer of all who have made major advancements in technology (Ubuntu meaning applies well here).  I appreciate what the early companies did, and I look forward to what the new school will do and continue to do.  Because, like it or not the power shift is real and coming to Linux and the Open Source Movement.

Be Blessed...I Am!!!