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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hardware + Open Source Software... Could this be HOSS???

Wow, what a different a year or two makes! I know that it has been over two decades since Linus Torvalds conceived the Linux Kernel. We all owe him and GNU (Gnu Not Unix)'s founder Richard Stallman a debt of gratitude, for having a vision and the gall to put that vision in action. It was their willingness to collaborate that eventually revolutionized and created the OSM (open source movement). Well, that movement has pick up momentum over the past few years. Now, open source projects and ideas are flourishing because these gents' visionary actions.
I recall the days when getting hardware functions to work in Linux was a hassle. Printers, Video Cards, Network Cards, Wifi, Sound Cards, and Web Cameras manufacture just refused to cooperate with Linux development in the early days. Finding compatible drivers was a daunting task, while today not only is more hardware compatible to GNU/Linux but some it being developed with just GNU/Linux in mind. Moreover, the open source model has been adapted to the hardware side of technology.
In the begging it was only GNU/Linux and a few FOSS projects. Out of that foundation, sprung many software and hardware open source projects. Even books, poetry, and legal documentations have taken the open source model and successfully applied them to those markets. The number of hardware + OSS (HOSS) projects is becoming daunting to say the least. Yes, I hope that the phrase / acronym that I just coined will be used to describe this fascinating section in the OSM. There are HOSS kits ranging from printers to computers to biotech units to gaming consoles to robotics to music Synthesizers to whatever the mind can dream. The dream is the loveliest part about the FOSS, HOSS, and the entire OSM! GNU Linux has made the evolution of computer technology globally rapid and affordable for all!!!
The following are some of the more popular HOSS projects. RepRap is a well know 3D printing HOSS kit and KANO (Based on Raspberry Pi) is a very popular kids computer HOSS kit featured on KickStarter, both will be feature in my video below. I would like to think that the inventors of Kano are big Mortal Kombat fans, since their project is affectionately named after a character from the popular video game. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBoard are great computer or IC (integrated circuit) boards fused with development tools for customization. The cost of most of these projects are under a hundred bucks, making them extremely affordable. The possibilities for HOSS projects are endless, you purchase a starter kit and then possibly after learning, create your own HOSS project.


Be Blessed!!!


Saturday, November 30, 2013

One of the Best Android Apps!!!

ES3 File Explorer File Manager is one of the sweetest apps I have personally used for Android.  I was searching for the best way to connect my iRulu tablet to my Linux server shares and ES3 was the best solution.  Alone ES3 is much more than file explorer.  It contains built in features and support that extends its use beyond that of a simple file explorer.  The built in media player, LAN, management, Cloud Management,  root explorer, and coupled with ES Task Manager it becomes a full fledge must have power tool.  

Connecting to a network share in GNU Linux can be a bit of a task itself.  Especially if you are trying to connect to a Windows® share.  Yet, through the years GNU Linux networking has gotten much easier and documentation examples are plentiful.  I say that to say that the easies LAN management / utilities that I have seen on a GNU Linux variant is in ES3.  This Android app is completely intuitive with a very simple UI design.  I really appreciate sleek and simple.  This is a must app for any power user of Android.  

ES has free and pro versions of their ES3 File Explorer and ES Task Manager.  Making them great for individual use or professional BYOD enterprise integration.  With the rise in popularity of BYOD, I can see ES being a major player in the mobile device enterprise market.  With a little governance and security restraints this is the perfect enterprise BYOD tool! Visit the Play Store or ES website to find out more about this app.  There are too many videos on YouTube and Google Play has a great demo video as well.  Therefore, seeing the app in action before you try it is not a problem.  

Be Blessed...I Am!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another Great Website!!!

Make Linux is a very good website created by Constantine Shulyupin. Looking at the home page the site looks very mundane and plain.  Yet, once you start browsing the menu located at the very top of the page, you will find some very good resources on GNU/Linux.
From first glance it is obvious that Constantine Shulyupin is an experience Embedded Linux Engineer.  This site seems to be a very good resume of his talent but, it is also a good source for GNU/Linux enthusiast such as myself.  IMHO, this is a very good resource for visual and written learning tools on the Linux Kernel.
The biggest tool that I found at this location was the interactive map of the Linux Kernel.  It might take some time to load but, the wait is well worth it.  The map leads to priceless resources for the experienced and non-experienced GNU/Linux user.  It is an absolute must for a developers, administrators, and power users of GNU/Linux.  Why? Just mapping the Linux Kernel without linking each section is a great visual tool to give insight on developing or administering GNU/Linux.  Yet, the interaction will lead to countless on-line resources for a greater in depth explanation on almost every topic pertaining to GNU/Linux.  I hope you enjoy the video!!!

Be Blessed!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Distro of the Month!!!


KNOPPIX 7.2 is a fully functional live distro that packed full of software applications.   There are plenty of options for accomplishing everyday or power user computer task.  It is packed with plenty of accessories, educational, games, graphics, Internet, office, programming, science, and sound & video tools to accomplish almost any computer task.  It comes stocked with Wine therefore, it support installing Windows® based programs.  It is a great tool to have in any IT Technicians, Administrator, and Power User repertoire.  I hope you enjoy the video below and I encourage you to visit KNOPPIX website for more information.

Be Blessed...I Am!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Free Linux Magazines!!!

When I first discovered computers / video games most of the latest information was published in magazines.  I bought and subscribed to all sorts of them.  PC Gamer, PC Magazine, and PC World are few of the longer running magazines that I have read since my youth.  These publications would keep me in the know about what is the next big thing in technology.  For instance, who would have thought that the Pocket PC would be come the smart phone?  Well, not only did I read about there eventual arrival but I worked at Best Buy so, I sold a few of them too. 
Now, I am looking for a great Linux Magazines and I have found a few but, what is even better is that many of them are free.  With the increased popularity of the world wide web, most of these publications can be read online or downloaded for later review.  I have included a few of my favorites.  They include some helpful articles on Distro Reviews, How To's, current trends, and more.  I hope that you enjoy them as I have plus, they are free. 
The Linux Gazette is a strictly online publication that is offering some really insightful articles about Linux.  It is a free monthly international publication that is referred by ISSN: 1934-371X.  Therefore, this publication is a creditable source that can be cited in any academic writing assignment.  Moreover, if one would decide to publish an article in the Linux Gazette they can get academic credit.  I thought this was cool for them to offer their potential authors, since they can not compensate them monetarily.  Overall, I think the Linux Gazette is a very worthy and honorable project that brings informative articles to the entire Linux, FOSS, and OSM communities.

Next, PCLinuxOS is a Distro that produces a freely monthly magazine as well.  You would think that their magazine would be full of article about their Distro, right? Wrong!  They have plenty of helpful articles for the new comers and experience Linux user alike.  They are up front though about their disdain with Microsoft® and its Windows® products.  Again, this is another great community project that is freely distributing information about Linux, FOSS, and the entire OSM!  Just great reading material!!!

Lastly,  I would not be a true Ubuntu / Lubuntu user without mentioning the freely distributed online publication written for the Ubuntu Community.  The Full Circle is a masterfully produce online magazine that offers podcast episodes and full viewable online issues.  For the publication method Full Circle uses ISSUU as its online medium for digital distribution of its magazine.  Each issue is elegantly laid out and you can easily view older issues.  The topic material covers all aspects of the of Linux, FOSS, and the OSM though, it is closely tailored to the Ubuntu Family of products.  Again, this is another great project that is freely offered to spread information and I think it is doing a great job!!!

There are other publication that you could pay for but, why when the above mentioned magazines are freely distributed and full of highly useful information!!!

Be Blessed...I Am!!!


Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Android Version!!!

Google released Android 4.4 KitKat on October 31, 2013.  A google search for Android 4.4 will produce plenty article about the version of the MOS (mobile operating system).  Therefore instead of regurgitating the information from those site I will link to the best of them.

The following websites and article contains all the information and insight that you need to know about Android KitKat:

1. The Gaurdian
2. TechCrunch
3. ZDNet
4. Gizmodo
5. Engadget 

Be Blessed...I Am!!!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New updates!!!

I am pleased to announce that and new logo is being developed for ~LuvLinuxOS~ and Open Source Information.  LLOS was an idea from a good friend, thus I have newly developed an early stage chromed look for these initials.  Moreover, ~LuvLinuxOS~ signature was not being resize correctly as a thumbnail for blog entries or Facebook post. The logo for Open Source Information is in the early development life cycle.  Just as this blog site has a new face lift more improvements are on the horizon.  I am very excited about blogging, customizing and developing Blogger templates. Below is the new LLOS logo, tell me what you think:

I have several plans and ideas for this site and the entire open source community.  I get goose bumps just thinking about all the possibilities there are with Linux and Open Source Projects.  I was astounded to here about OUYA and just what it will mean to the future generations.  I do enjoy a good video game and now seeing that Linux has crossed another threshold is inspiring.

The following is a list of upcoming projects. They are in no specific order but it will give you an idea of what type of information will be served in the near future here at Open Source Information.

1. Planning to follow OUYA through its release date and beyond.
2. I would like to interview Julie Uhrman in the near future.
3. Complete the creation of a site logo
4. I will be sharing my Lubuntu Tweeks
6. I have to create the pfSense Video, since my network has been runnning like a champ since its install.
7. I am still looking for some better hardware to render video.
8. I will be releasing a software of the month video soon.
9. Mid November I will have to release a New Distro of the month.
10. I will be constantly improving this blog site.  Emoticons coming soon!!!

Lastly, I just want to take the time to thank each and every one of you for stopping by my blog.  I would appreciate it, if you have any questions or suggestions that you leave a comment.  And, please let me know where I can improve to serve you better.  I hope to have your continued support!!!

Be Blessed...I Am!!!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Open Source Gaming (OSG)... OUYA Style!!!

Wow, for decades now video game have been a huge past time for entertainment. I started out with a game console / computer called the Texas Instrument 99/4a.  Then, I had an Atari 2600 and next, it was a Nintendo 64 until I found computer / PC gaming.  I really never looked back except to play my friend's PlayStation and and Xbox.  Once, I found Linux much of my gaming ended. Why? There simply was not much game development for Linux in the early years.  Well, that should be understandable as the community and the movement was just starting out. 

Today, it pleases me to see that the OSM has reach another frontier.  With the conception of OUYA, Julie Uhrman and her design / development team is effectively bringing console gaming to the Open Source arena.  This is a true open source platform because the hardware and software is compliant.  Now, it is not free but with such a modest price of $99.00, I do believe it is worth every penny. Moreover, now the gaming industry will be open to the masses.  How cool and powerful is that.  

Even the specs will give the best Tablets and smart devices a run for there money.  OUYA, is sporting an NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core Processor.  Go read about it because it actually 4 + 1 cores CPU / GPU combo!!! Back to OUYA, it has a 1 gigabyte of DDR3, 8 gigabytes of internal flash, HDMI connection to the TV, with support for up to 1080p HD, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth LE 4.0, 1 USB 2.0,  Wireless controller with standard controls (two analog sticks, d-pad, eight action buttons, a system button), a touchpad, ethernet port, and of course Android 4.0.  All packed into a 75 mm (2.95 inch) cube enclosure.  Now that is space optimization at its best!

This team has created a really nice Open Source Project.  I hope that there are a ton of tweeks, mods, enhancements, hacks, and just loads of fun to come with the product and project.  Right now I know it must be over two decades since I owned my last gaming console.  Therefore, I look forward to seeing how the OUYA will compete against the big three this Christmas.  Plus,  the OUYA is really peeking my curiosity and I need a good RR open source project.

Be Blessed!!!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Open Source is more than just Software!!!

I am such a Linux and FOSS advocate that sometimes I forget just how far the OSM (open source movement) has reached.  It is in publishing, legal documentation, and more recently have become a huge growing fad with hardware projects.  I remember tinkering with almost every electronic and mechanical toy I had growing up.  When my remote control cars were worn or torn, then it was a must to see what was under the hood.  Getting a batter directly to those magnetic engines was a good work around back then!!! Now, thing are way more sophisticated and today's RC are really scaled to the smallest details.

Then, I really found my niche in repairing electronics, it was first by accident with an old floor model TV.  Then, my Atari 2600 went out and I had to see what was wrong, nothing a little solder couldn't fix.  Finally, I got my first PC then two degrees and 15 plus years of computer repair experience became history.  Now, I say all that to note that Radio Shack has stood the test of time because, I am not the only fan of electronic hardware. Moreover, those old school snap together electronic projects have grown into major open source projects.  They have grown into 3D printing, Arduino, robotics, automation, and more.

The major 3D printing project is RepRap.  What is amazing about making 3D printing an open source project is that it has become affordable for home use.  Before now 3D fabrication was left to huge expensive machinery.  Creating an open source project like RepRap has brought the cost of 3D printing down considerably.  Besides, printing there are plenty of open source hardware projects to tinker with.  This guide is a great source for learning more about open source hardware projects.  And if you are like me you will find them very interesting!!!

 Be Blessed...I AM!!!


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fustrated about Office Productivity Tools!!!

Well I wanted to only report my positive experiences with each and every FOSS application I use.  Yet, being unbiased and reporting the truth about my experience is eating away at my conscious.  I have a true nightmarish story about FOSS Office Suites.  

It all started week four on my of my DIT (Doctorate of Information Technology) program introduction course (ITEC 8000).  That week's first assignment was to create a narrative power point presentation.  Well, my entire home network is based on Ubuntu or some variant of Ubuntu, actually I use Ubuntu Server (no GUI) and Lubuntu Desktop on my older hardware.  I started converting my network over to Linux during my master's program and I had not looked back to Window®.  Therefore, I would have to learn how to complete every assignment using Linux and a FOSS comparable application.

Now, this was not a huge chore for simple written assignment, since there are a plethora of word processors available for use in Linux. Yet, for dynamic website, spreadsheets, UML diagrams, Project Plans, Slide Presentations, and etc. Even developing with Java and in Android is a bit different in Linux. I learned to accomplish some huge task with FOSS products.  I really thought there would never be the need to use Windows® dual boot or virtualized again!!!

How wrong I was, sigh!!!  That narrated Power Point Presentation was just the monster to frustrate and push me back to a virtual version of Window® XP.  This was the only solution after weeks of research how to embed sound for narration in other FOSS Office Suites.  I have continued my research and I am glad to say that the following links are to some promising articles on Office Productivity Suites and Presentation alternatives.  Yet, time was not my friend and I had to get this assignment turned in or get an ill advised zero. 

I would also like to point out that although I am being honest about a need for audio recording and embedding in Slide Show Presentation as a feature, I realize this is free software from voluntary communities. So, I will patiently run my virtual solutions until the OSM is a fully compatible way of life!!!

Be Blessed...I Am!!!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Linux Distro of the Month: Lubuntu 13.10

Saucy Salamander 

Lubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) is here! Its official release date was October 17, 2013.  Beside replacing Google's Chromium with Mozilla's Firefox, the Lubuntu team included LightDM for screen locking and zRam for performance boost.  Well performance boost is evident and you will see in my third video that below.  I am really impressed with this Distro.  When most become more demanding on hardware as they evolve, Lubuntu did the exact opposite and became leaner for older systems.  My network consist of older hardware, even my production desktop is old compared to today's standards. But, with the installation of Lubuntu 13.10 my system is powerfully fast and productive.

This is what this blog is about! Reporting victories in the underdog community.  Yes, Microsoft still own the market but with viable production like Lubuntu 13.10 that ownership is slowly loosing its grip.  I have been a witness to the rise of popularity of Linux and how the different flavors have been competing with the giant.  Well, just as David sleighed Goliath so will Linux be victorious.  I am a huge fan, supporter, and advocate for Linux and the FOSS movement.  I have used Linux since 1998, therefore witnessing the growth and support of Linux is so sweet right now.  Linux Rules!!!

Below is my third video over viewing Lubuntu 13.10, I hope you enjoy!!!

 Be Blessed...I Am!!!


Friday, October 18, 2013

pfSense Makes Good Sense!!!!

Well, after some research and a few hardware purchases (ie. 8 port switch and an extra PCI NIC), I finally built my first software router / firewall.  Video of my setup is coming soon.  It took a little research and the material was off a little.  Most of what is documented about pfSense is good material but sometimes with newer versions of anything (open source or proprietary) the instructions are not accurate.  I found this to be true in creating my router. The years of building computer systems and troubleshooting developed my patients for problem solving. Plus I like a good challenge!!!

I have ATT Uverse and I was using the 2wire 3600HGV gateway to connect my home network.  Well it was great for a while but it limited what I could to on my server.  Like setup a DNS, DHCP, or PXE server.  I was also limited to creating a public webserver.  I am free now and I am enjoying it! pfSense is a very good product and it makes good sense to use in a home network, especially since it is used at universities and corporations around the world.

In researching I found many options for creating a router / firewall from old computer parts available on the net.  This article is pretty good if you are interested in doing your own setup as well. The top three though were pfSense, Smoothwall, and Untangle.  Yet, the one that seemed to be most documented and had the most features was pfSense thus I tried it first and I might not try the others although I have downloaded them.  Once the software was loaded and a few cli scripted commands were done, the rest of the configuration is complete by a web browser.  Just like any other router yet, completely on steroids!!!  pfSense is loaded with features and tools for monitoring and diagnosis of your network. 

Be Blessed...I Am!!!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Few Updates!!!

Hello all!!! I have been very busy with work, school and trying to remedy my audio stuttering problem when creating videos.  Therefore, this blog has been on the back burner for a few weeks.  Yet, today I am pleased to report that after some due diligence, I have found a solution to the problem and I will be posting some videos soon.  I must encourage all of my fellow computer enthusiast to give Linux a try!  Solving the problems is so rewarding plus, the online community help is unmatched by proprietary systems.

Planned video projects are as follows:

1. Distro of the Month (Work and School is prohibiting doing this on a weekly basis).
2. Software of the Month (Same as before).
3. Constructing an Open Source Router, I am really looking forward to this!
4. Remote Server Administration

Thanks for supporting my blog!

Be Blessed...I Am!!!



Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Second Video!!!

Oracle's VM VitualBox

This is my second educational / informative / tutorial video.  The topic is about Oracle's VM (virtual machine) VirtualBox software.  During this feature I visit VirtualBox website and demonstrate how to set up a simple virtual machine. The virtual machine will run DSL(Damn Small Linux) as the guest OS(operating system) and it will be hosted in Lubuntu 13.04 (my current desktop system).  Please be patient on the quality as I am finding my way as a video editor. I hope you enjoy and if you have any question or comments please leave them below!

Be Blessed!!!


Saturday, September 28, 2013

LXDE is My Desktop Enviroments!!!

I personally do not get all the confusion and complaints around DEs(desktop enviroments) in Linux.  I mean isn't having choices considered better?  I honestly think the freedom to choose what Distro, DE, Apps, Kernel version, partition layout, and etc. is what make Linux the most powerful OS(operating system) on the market.  Just because you have hundreds if not thousand of options does not mean you have to select them all!

I have used  KDE, GNOME, and XFCE through the years.  I have witness the development improvements with each and every one of these projects.  When I converted to a full time Ubuntu user, GNOME became my primary desktop of use.  Yet, with each new Distro release of Ubuntu my the demand on my system hardware increased.  In other words the software was out growing my hardware.  That all seemed to change once I started looking for lightweight Distro and different spins of Ubuntu.

I tried Kubuntu and the lastest version of KDE was just as taxing on my old hardware.  I looked at other lightweight distros but I needed a system that would support on-line education classes and the university's blackboard system.  For some time my only option was to run an older version of Ubuntu.  Then, about a year or so ago I learned about Lubuntu and LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment).  I have been using it ever since and I have been very productive on some pretty old machines.  

LXDE, is very lightweight and straight forward in its design.  It is simple and fast desktop environment with plenty of options for personal preferences.  The loaded system has a very small memory footprint therefore, leaving more of your system ram to run other applications.  It is a great production environment because of this.  

With all projects there are some bugs but the performance outweighs the bug reporting process.  The LXDE community keep you very informed through their wiki, blog, and forum pages of updates and new releases.  This is my new primary desktop environment, I use it because LXDE performance and design is very suitable for older hardware systems.  Therefore, allowing its user to get the optimal value for there initial investment in purchasing their computer.  In a business perspective LXDE increases potential ROI (return on investment) of a 
computer system.


Be Blessed!!!


iRulu Tablets Rules

I recently purchased an iRulu 10.1" Android 4.2 1.5Ghz 8Gb Flashdrive tablet from eBay.  The bundle came complete with a usb enabled keyboard case and a stylus.  Although I have not been able to find a company website for the unit, I find them to be the tablet deal of the year.  On top of the inexpensive price tag of about  $120.00, the unit ships with a rooted version of Android.   Therefore, you can tweak, customize, and install all app types out of the box! This tablet is a developer's dream!

The complete specs list for my iRulu Tablet is below:

 CPU Processor   Allwinner A20 ARM Cortex-A7 Dual-Core; ARM® Mali400MP2

 Operating System   Google Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

 Size   10.1"

 Resolution  1024x600 HD

 Touch Screen  5 Point Capacitive Touchscreen

 RAM  Real 1G DDR3

 Nand Flash  8 GB

 Dual Camera  Front/back Dual cameras(0.3MP, 2MP)

 Android Market  Yes. You can download thousands of APPS from Google Play

 Output Device  Built-in Loud stereo speakers

 Input Device   Built-in Microphone

 Accelerator  Yes

 LAN  External Fast 10/100 Mbps if equipped with an Ethernet Adapter

 Wireless      Support WiFi (Built-in 802.11b/g WLAN Card), Support 3G (3G Dongle Not Included in Package)

 Color  White

 AC Power Adaptor  Input AC100-240V, 50-60Hz, Output 5V 2A

 Battery Pack  3.7V 6000mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery

 Weight  910g (Package)

 Dimension       265*166*10 L*W*H(mm)

 Picture Viewer      Support JPG, JPEG, GIF.....

 Media File Audio      MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, OGG, FLAC

 Video Player      Support AVI, RM, RMVB, MKV, WMV, MOV, MP4, PMP, MPEG, MPG, FLV, 3GP, MPG, H.264, etc

 Music Player      Support MP3, WMA, MP2, OGG, AAC, M4A, MA4, FLAC, APE, 3GP, WAV, support playlist

 G Sensor  Yes

Languages  Czech, Dansk, German, English, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Hebrew, Polski, Greek, Portuguese, Svenska, Turkey, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

 Software       Fring, QQ, MSN, Youtube, Google Map, Document to go, Multimedia Player, Email, Es File Explore, OfficeSuite, Google Search,Task Manager, Browser, Gallery, Clock, Calculator, Calendar, iReader, Application Store

 I/P Ports       Headphone Jack*1   DC Jack*1   Mini USB Port*1   Memory Card Slot*1   HDMI Jack*1

 Accessories  AC Adapter, English User Manual, Stylus Pen, USB Cable, OTG Cable

Be Blessed!!!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Feartured Application of the Week

There is nothing fancy about SimpleScreenRecorder and it is anything but simple.  It is loaded with options and features that will make you look like a professional video producer. Okay, well that may be exaggerating but, it does what is say it do very well.  This program was written by Maarten Baert.  By his own admission he created this application because he was not happy with the other programs for this task.  

The first informative video that I created was created with SimpleScreenRecorder and all future screen capture productions will be with it too!  I am very impressed with its simple design and easy to use setup.  With all default values set in just a few simple clicks you can make your first screen recording.  He has a very intuitive visualizations for in recording preview of your video and microphone performance.  Lastly, he has keyboard shortcuts for when you are recording the entire screen therefore, you do not have to show the program running on top of your screen. Check out the screen shot below and any comments will be appreciated.

Be Blessed!!!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Distro of the Week

This week I chose DSL (Damn Small Linux)  to feature as the Linux Distro (distribution) of the week! DSL is a minimalist or lightweight Linux Distro.  It is a completely usable desktop with applications contained within a 50 megabyte package.  It is labeled as the business card distribution of Linux.

Personally this was the first Linux Distro that is used in a virtual machine.  I recall installing it in Windows XP using Qemu as emulator running on my desktop.  The minimum system requirements are a 486 processor and 8 MB of RAM is what make DSL perfect for use in a virtual machine.  This little Distro has come a long way since it early days.  The latest version is 4.3 and it contains plenty of application that makes the desktop a very productive environment.  I really recommend this to all who have an old desktop laying around or who want to get up and running quick in a virtual machine. 

Below are screen shots of me running DSL in Oracle VM VirtualBox.  This is being ran on an Intel Celeron 2.4 Ghz CPU with 1 Gig of RAM. The host OS (my desktop) is Lubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin). An informative video of how I created this setup will be coming soon.  Video capture and editing is almost impossible on this machine thus, trying to capture a virtual machine running an OS is not going to happen!

                           Image 1: Boot Screen

                          Image 2: Boot Process

                          Image 3: DSL Desktop!

Be Blessed!!!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Love Linux and I Don't Hate Windows!!!

One thing that has been amusing to me since the inception of Linux is the never ending battle between Linux communities and Microsoft.   Well, almost never ending, It is clear and should be clear to everyone that Microsoft has conceded. That war created sides, rivals, and hater of the opposition. Hardcore Linux communities were haters of Microsoft (the founders too... not mentioning any names lawsuits are getting out of hand these days!) and vice versa in the early days.

During those times it was almost impossible to find compatible hardware or software to compete with Windows.  Yet, Linux was like "The Little Engine That Could," and the on-line communities refused to give in to frivolous law suits and hardware vendors mistreatment.  I mean getting a wireless network card driver was like pulling nails! Now, hardware vendors of every sort and Microsoft are becoming compliant.

Thumbing through my burnt CD collection, I see that my first release of Ubuntu was 6.10 (Edgy Elf).  Before then I was an avid user of Mandrake and Red Hat (before it became commercial!!!).  Once Red Hat became an enterprise name their open source was Fedora thus I started using it.  I say all of this because during those days (about decade ago), drivers (software needed for hardware functionality) were the main problem with converting from Windows to Linux.  Therefore, it was almost certain that you would use a dual boot machine with Window as the default OS.  Ubuntu changed all that!

Ubuntu - "I am what I am because of who we all are."  When I first visited Canonical's website and read their companies philosophy, mission, and meaning, I was hooked.  Ubuntu or some variant have been my main version of Linux ever since! I have given copies away to let friends try the live versions.  I have installed dual systems for them as well.  I must give Canonical much due respect, simply because that started out to convert Window user to Linux users, and they did.  They truly have one of the largest on-line communities and they have become a major pioneer in Linux, FOSS, OSM, and global team development.  Yet, even still it is like watching an old master loose to his pupil. 

Without the revolutionary, innovative, and visionary work of the early pioneers in computers much of what exist today in technology simply would not.  Microsoft and Apple are the two old masters in computer technology early development.  Now, the young warriors are Canonical and Google.  I am a fan and admirer of all who have made major advancements in technology (Ubuntu meaning applies well here).  I appreciate what the early companies did, and I look forward to what the new school will do and continue to do.  Because, like it or not the power shift is real and coming to Linux and the Open Source Movement.

Be Blessed...I Am!!!


Friday, September 20, 2013

News and Updates!!!

I am so thankful for finally using eBay!  I was able to locate some much needed hardware upgrades for a pretty good deal.  I will be upgrading my desktop CPU (Central Processing Unit), Motherboard, and RAM.  This is long over due and a much needed performance boost.  I also acquired an Android powered tablet.  I will be giving more details about it in a future post.

I plan to continue to make education / informative videos.  I will be converting my old system into an Open Source router thus, I will be sharing that process.  I worked through the LFS Project before and I plan to do it again and share my experience through this blog.  With the new hardware up grade I will be installing the latest version of Lubuntu (Raring Ringtail) version 13.04 thus I will be sharing that experience as well.

For, now that is the latest new, updates, and plans for this blog.  I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you found something that was of service.

Be Blessed...I Am!!!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

First Video...

List of Linux Distros

This is my first video, I made a few mistakes but first time development using all Open Source Software. This video just covers the different forks of Linux Distros and I speak briefly about my personal choice and why. I hope you find it useful.

Be Blessed...I Am!!!


Thoughts about tutorials...

The one thing that make Linux and the FOSS Movement so special is the huge amount of support given in the on-line communities.  Through the years I read, watch, and listened to hundreds if not thousands of tutorials.  Some have been really great and other have been very boring.  Therefore, I am suggesting a few tutorial sites that I have found interesting and I hope you do too.

Since, the invent of YouTube almost anything you want to learn can be watched on this site. Before, then you had to read illustrated tutorial or sift through Linux's manual pages to figure thing out for yourself.  Now, there is nothing wrong with a good illustrated tutorial.  Many of them can viewed on the web or you can download as a *.chm file. The compiled HTML file will allow you to view the tutorial off-line.  This was great during the early days of slow dial-up but now most of the world have access to broadband Internet connections. Hence, the rise in video tutorial production!

Lately, I have found and have been enjoying the work of Mr. Derek Banas.  He has an extensive library containing nearly 600 videos! I find this totally amazing and I realize that there is absolutely no excuse to be ignorant about computers, especially with the plethora of available free resources. Another very entertaining video educator is Bucky Roberts.  And what is even more amazing is that Bucky has over 3000 video on various subjects.  Now, not all of their tutorials are about Open Source but they are part of the movement indirectly because, they are giving away free computer / technology education.  Thanks to a football scholarship, I obtained my undergraduate degree.  Yet, I have been borrowing money to obtain my Masters and pursue my Doctoral.  Not Free!!!

Below will be links to some of my favorite tutorial sites about Linux and other Open Source Projects:

1. The New Boston
2. New Think Tank
3. YoLinux
5. Linux From Scratch
6. The Linux Documentation Project
7. Install A LAMP
8. Linux Commands
9. Android Development
10. 3D Printing

I have found the above sites entertaining, useful, educational, resourceful, and intriguing.  Just, yesterday I learned about RepRap an Open Source 3D Printing solution.  Yes, when I can afford this project I will be buying a kit.  I think Open Source is amazing and it is revolutionizing the evolution of technology.  Plus, free education sure beat paying back a huge college debt!!! Enjoy!!!

Be Blessed...I Am!!!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why use Linux?

In this post I will attempt to give all the pros for using Linux.  Since, I am bias I will not be giving any cons and I will leave them for replies to this post.  The following list are my reasons for using Linux:

1. It Is Free!!! - Why not use Linux should be the question.  A free operating system (OS) completely free without costly end user licenses... enough said!!!

2. Open Source - Well this is the backbone of the creation and conception of Linux.  The Linux Kernel is distributed under GNU GPL version 2.  It is free and the source code can be viewed, changed and redistributed as long as the new code complies with GNU GPL version 2.  Open Source is a movement that is growing!

3. Community Supported -  Many of the different programs and tools that make up a complete Linux Distro are developed and supported by an on-line community.  Easy access to the different Distro communities and the latest Distro updates can be found here.

4. Becoming Widely Supported - You don't have to believe me but when one of the biggest companies in the computer software industry starts supporting its rival then you must take notice. Read this article.

5. Rise In Popularity - More and more users, organizations, and corporations are starting to use Linux.  The proof is in the pudding...Read this article.

6. Powers many different hardware platforms - Linux is being ported to different processor types, mobile devices, servers, and desktops.  For the most part Linux runs on just about any and all computer hardware.  One very popular Linux Platform or Distro is the Android MOS (mobile operating system).

7. Easy To Install - The installation process for most Linux Distro are very easy and several Distro can run live from a cd or dvd disc. Therefore, one very good aspect of using Linux is that you can try it before you install it.  How cool is that!!!

8. Powerful - The Linux Kernel is a complete operating with many if not all the CLI (command line interface) support of an Unix OS.  GUI (graphical user interface) options are growing and becoming more user friendly to extend the power and choice of how to use Linux.  Having choices is power within itself!

9. Light Memory Footprint - Running the Linux Kernel itself is very lightweight and many versions of the Kernel supports older systems and hardware making them useful again.  For example, I run Ubuntu 12.04 server edition on an old HP desktop without a GUI and It is a great file / storage / LAMP server.

10. It Is Free!!!

I hope my reasons for using Linux will influence you to at least give a live distro a try!

Be Blessed...I Am!!!